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Sharing Sustenance: Fling Wide the Doors

A six-sided Advent calendar in the shape of a tower, with several doors open showing images of saints and other figures illuminated from within

What is it?

It's an Advent calendar. But what an Advent calendar! It runs all the way from St Andrew's day to Epiphany, it's sturdy enough to reuse from year to year, and it comes with a booklet containing prayers and reflections for each window. It's designed for use with children, but actually I find it works very well for me with no modification.

Piety, study or action?

Piety - though it's very informative and the companion booklet has suggestions for actions to take as well.

Where did you find it?

I ordered it from McCrimmons.

Why was it useful for you?

It's a beautiful, simple, reflective Advent practice. I've been using it for a few years now, and haven't got tired of it yet.

- Kathleen, Ely 34

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