Who Leads it?

A Cursillo is led by a team of lay people and clergy, all of whom have experienced a Cursillo weekend themselves.

What is the aim?

Learning, praying, sharing, singing, and living together is the basis of discovering what it means to say: "We are the body of Christ." 

To be nurtured and sustained in

our personal ministries by on-going support in small groups.


The Cursillo weekend is not intended to be an end in itself. After the weekend the Cursillo method offers continuing support.  The Cursillo weekend is three days long but - it lasts a lifetime. We call this the ‘Fourth Day’.


What goes on?

The Eucharist is celebrated daily. Worship together is at the heart of all that takes place on the weekend. During the three days you will hear talks given by both lay and clergy members of the team on some of the fundamental elements of Christian life and faith, including ideals, grace, faith, sacraments, study and action. You will also have the opportunity to discuss these talks in small groups.

The programme is busy and varied, but there are also times for prayer and for quiet reflection.

Our Mission 

Make a friend, be a friend, bring a friend to Jesus!


"To reawaken people to the calling they received in their baptism to be witnesses for Christ, to give them the stimulus to plan ways of doing this, and to provide support structures through which they can encourage each other and hold each other accountable before God for their lives as Christian witnesses."

Revd Canon Christopher Lewis, "Cursillo, a Sabbatical Study Report", 1991


A video from our Spiritual Director, Rev Olivia Coles and our Lay Director Julie Hughes

'Rainbow' is our periodical print magazine. The next one is due out soon, but here are some back copies available to read online.