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Pandemic Prayer Day

Lesley Bowring writes:

On June 21st, the day that restrictions were due to be lifted, I did a 'Prayer Day' for the pandemic.

It lasted from 8am – 8pm, with the idea being to pray for a short while on or during each hour, for a particular aspect arising from the Covid 19 pandemic.

I had been inspired by reading of George VI's call to prayer prior to the Dunkirk rescue, and Archbishop William Temple saying 'when I pray, coincidences happen; when I don't, they don't'.

I found this an amazing exercise, as I found myself concentrating throughout the 10 hours, but because the actual prayer time was relatively short, I was able to carry on with everyday life.

Olivia, our Spiritual Director, has asked me to prepare a similar exercise for 19th July. I will post this on the Ely Cursillo Facebook page.

A topic and prayer will be suggested for each hour, though you may, of course, choose your own.

Small analogue clock in a semi-circular blue mount showing the time as 8.20

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