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Time for faith to grow: a poem

Many thanks to Pauline Swinden for this verse reflection on our recent study day. We're always looking for words and pictures to put on this website - if you have something to contribute, please get in touch via the Contact page or by emailing elycursillo AT gmail DOT com.

How wonderful that we could meet

Friends old and new, to smile and greet

With hugs and laughter all day long

To walk with God through prayers and song.

God sent the sun to shine that day

So we could go outside to play.

Coffee and biscuits, what a start

Then morning worship touched the heart.

Inspiring thoughts that made us wonder

Then time for us to sit and ponder.

Or wander outside with our thoughts

Or do some art, such diverse sorts.

A picnic lunch, each brought their own

But ate together, not alone.

Then more inspiring words of action

To make us think what we could act on.

Some friendly chatting ends the day

Followed by time to sit and pray.

Then Eucharist for those who could

In nearby church, which was so good

An altogether lovely day

With talks and songs and time to play

What could be better? I do not know

We all had time for faith to grow

Three wild roses in a bed of green leaves. A bee is diving into one of the roses.

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