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Sharing Sustenance: the Daily Prayer app

What is it?

It's a smartphone app that collates the day's readings and prayers from Common Worship and presents them on one page to give you a service of Morning Prayer or Evening Prayer. It opens automatically to the appropriate service for the time of day. They've recently added an audio option so that you can listen along to others praying the service.

Piety, study, or action?

Piety, definitely.

Where did you find it?

I got it from the Google Play Store. I'd assume there's a version for iPhone too, and you can certainly find the web edition on the Church of England site.

Why was it useful for you?

Now I'm taking the train to London two days a week, I've gone back to using this app on my morning and evening commute. I've been trying to get into a habit of daily prayer for a long time; incorporating it into my routine like this means that I remember to do it, and having everything available on one screen on my phone means that it's actually practical. The new audio option is great for days when I'm at home and struggling to concentrate! I'm still a long way from a reliable prayer habit, but this has helped a lot.

- Kathleen, Ely #34

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